i mean whatevs.
i mean whatevs.

Here is my "deep breath" song

Music is handy because it can often be mood altering, or at least highly evocative of a mood. Do you have a "go to" song for inner peace? I'd love to make a playlist and listen to what gets you feeling tranquil.

This is "The Dreaming Moon" by The Magnetic Fields. It is my favorite song for taking a private moment to myself to recenter and be at peace. When I am at work and I feel like I am about to lose it with anxiety or misery (I work in the federal government, so...) I listen to this song at blisteringly loud levels in my headphones. I also listen to it when I pay my bills or write long emails. I have it bookmarked, hence why I always circle back to it.


I have now gotten to the point where whenever I feel anxious, the slowly undulating background melody starts to play in my head. It's like I am slowly brainwashing myself.

With an ivory pipe and a cummerbund
In the dead of night on the autobahn
With the long ago on the radio
And the dreaming moon


We were young and in love
In a burning town but the fire went out
I'm alone again now and I finally know
How cool to be cold with the dreaming moon

I'll begin again with another new name
And a whole new life, full of fortune and fame
But in the 100th year, I'll be right back here
With the dreaming moon

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